At Gledsmuir @ Mooikloof, we cater to all levels of riding and most disciplines (we currently have show jumpers, dressage riders, endurance riders and a western mounted games rider) 

We strive to continuously upgrade our facilities and use the proceeds of our training shows to improve our arena surfaces and riding environment.


Full Size Dressage Arena 1

60m x 20m Dressage arena with rubber chips.

Horse Box Arena - Adult Dressage Arena Sized

Full Size Dressage Arena 2

60m x 20m Enclosed dressage arena with pvc chips. This arena is fully lit by floodlights.


Sand Jumping Arena

70m x 30m enclosed jumping arena with sand - newly upgraded surface!


Children's Dressage Arena

40m x 20m children's dressage arena built within a larger, enclosed arena


Grass Arena

Suitable for anything from low level showjumping, to dressage, showing and general schooling, our grass arena in currently being refurbished to provide our liveries with an excellent grass surface to ride on.


Lunge Rings

Two lunge rings for lunging, one is a 'double ring' and the other a regular 20m diameter lunge ring. The third lunge ring we use for the sole purpose of a 'holding camp'.


4 Berth Wash Bays

4 Berth wash bays with rubber matting underfoot, easily converted from a crush type wash bay to a small paddock type wash bay for more nervous horses.



Our liveries have access to our solarium on our premises, treat your horse to a 'spa session' after hard work or use it to assist in the treatment of injuries. Please click 'Solarium' above for more information.

IMG-20190808-WA0028 (002)

Horse Walker

Looking for an alternative way to keep your horse fit? Look no further than our new horse walker!
For more information on what a horse walker is, what the benefits are and for a price guide, please click the image above.


Secure Horse Box Parking


Clubhouse for Hire

Surrounded by a small rose garden and overlooking two of our arenas, our clubhouse is ideal for small functions and clinics at our yard. The clubhouse has two bathrooms and a small kitchen.


Stunning Outrides

Enjoy the exclusivity and security that Estate-Living has to offer. Our hacking routes meander throughout the estate, on soft, grass footing. A favourite of 'Mooikloofers' is an afternoon hack to the idyllic dam and back.


Show Paddocks

Whether for the discerning showing Kings and Queens, or just a 'naughty bin' for less social horses, our individual paddocks are electrified and have newly built paddock shelters for hot summer days.


Group Paddocks

For our social butterflies, we offer larger 'group' paddocks. Horses are slowly introduced to one another and carefully monitored to ensure the safety of all concerned. All paddocks have either natural or man-made shelters.


Social Atmosphere

Despite our size, our yard is a closely knit family and we thrive on the company of our stablers!
Pop in for a coffee and a chat!


Clean, Secure Feed Room

Our feed room is kept locked, with the exception of during meal times, which allow us ultimate control over your horse's diet. Feed is weighed on a scale, ensuring accurate meal sizes.


Tea/Coffee Lounge

Stallion Paddocks

Grass Ilness/Injury Paddock


3 Cooling Paddocks

Please Take Note:

Arena Bookings

Due to the demand for fixed arena times in the afternoon, we make use of a 'booking system' for our arenas.

The arena bookings board is located outside our office and may be changed only by management.

Arena Hire

Subject to availability, we hire out our arenas to outside riders at a ground levy of R150.00 per horse, per hour.
Please do not hesitate to contact us to secure your booking.

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