Everything you need to know about stabling your horse at our yard:

We have loose box style brick stables, including two Mare and Foal stables which are double the size of a regular stable.

Our stables are cleaned daily and bedded with fresh, thick shavings (not powdery sawdust) for a safe and comfortable night’s sleep for your horse.

Rubber matting for the front of your stable can be provided at an additional once off cost.

All horses are stabled at night and thoroughly groomed after their breakfast, after which they are taken to spacious paddocks for the day. Horses are brought back inside from 4pm for their supper at 5pm. On week days our grooms are only too happy to bring in your horse from the paddock for you, groom and tack up your horse for riding as well as cool down your horse after he/she has worked.

Please note that we do not provide water buckets and hay nets, these are to be brought with when your horse arrives at our yard, alternatively we are able to supply them at an additional cost. Please see “what do I need for my horse’s first day?” below for more information.

We provide two types of paddocks for turnout:

  1. Large group paddocks
  2. Individual, electrified paddocks – primarily for show horses and horses that are not able to be in a paddock with others

Both types of paddocks have either man-made shelters or large trees to provide shade for your horse during hot summers.

We also have two purpose-built stallion paddocks (both are currently occupied by our resident stallions), three medium sized cooling camps, as well as a large, green grass colic/injury paddock closer to our manager’s office for closer supervision of ill or injured horses.

At Gledsmuir @ Mooikloof, each horse’s diet is tailored to fit its precise needs and we always have a qualified equine nutritionist on call to assist where required.

We feed good quality feed, which is delivered fresh every week and stored safely under lock and key in our feed room. Our owner, stable manager and two head grooms are the only people whom have access to our feed room, ensuring that we have the utmost control over what your horse is fed. 

Unlike most yards, our horse feed is not measured in “scoops” but weighed on a digital scale each and every time when dishing food. Should your horse require any supplements, these are added directly to your horses feed in precise doses at specified meal times.

All our horses are given ad lib high quality eragrostis (and/or teff where required) during the day and in their stables at night (included in stabling fee) and an extra slice of lucerne per day can be added at an additional cost. 

All our fodder is delivered fresh weekly and kept in an enclosed area, sheltered from the wind and rain.

We strive to be a full service yard and offer the following additional services to our clients:

  • Full Show Turnout (trimming of ears and feathers, pulling of manes, bathing, plaiting of manes and tails, quarter marks)
  • Work Riding
  • Lunging
  • Tacking up before riding/untacking and cooling down horses after riding
  • Tack Cleaning
  • Grooms to Show
  • Horsebox Rental

We offer seven secure tack rooms, which are locked every evening at stable check. All horse owners are given a key to their specific tack room to allow access at all hours.

Our yard follows a strict fly control programme, developed and monitored by professionals, ensuring that you and your horse are never bothered by flies.

Please see a detailed list of facilities here.

Due to the sheer size of our yard, we have a multitude of trusted service providers, however we welcome outside service providers if so requested by the owner of the horse.

Farriers include: Anthony Ward, Kobus Els, Ami de Wet, Abri Bezuidenhout, Willie Edwards, Divan Callitz, Maurice Pope and Japie Nel 

Saddle Fitters: Lynda RecordsShellea Ripley

Vets: Dr Nicholl JacobsDr Riette HauptDr Ingrid Cilliers

Dentists: Andre Thirion, Graeme Martin, Peter Minnie

The basic stabling costs are as follows:
  • Horses: R4598 + 15% VAT, including up to 4kg of concentrate per horse, per day
  • Ponies: R4250 + 15% VAT, including up to 2kg of concentrate per horse, per day

Any additional concentrates, lucerne, show turnout services and lunging are added to your monthly invoices.

Before stabling can commence, we require a deposit of one month’s stabling per horse/pony in addition to the regular stabling fee for the month ahead. After the deposit has been paid and the Livery Agreement has been signed, horses/ponies can be brought on any day of the month and stabling will be billed pro rata until the first day of the following month.
Please note that Ponies will be considered as measuring 14.1hh and below, measured at the wither.

Please thoroughly read our Stabling Information Document, as well as our Livery Agreement.

Once you have read and signed our stabling contract and paid your initial deposit for stabling, your horse will need the following for his/her first day at our yard:

  • 2x Strong Water Buckets (an additional 2 are required if your horse is kept in one of our smaller ‘show paddocks’)
  • Basic Grooming Kit (hoof pick, body brush, dandy brush/hair brush for mane and tail, curry comb, two sponges, fly spray)
  • Sturdy Halter with Lead
  • Fly Mask and Fly Spray
  • Winter Blanket (in winter only)
  • Optional: Fly Sheet for turnout in paddocks, Day Sheet for clipped horses in winter

All of our grooms are extremely experienced in the care and handling of horses. Please meet our team here.